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March 20, 2024

New Machining Technology

At the end of 2023, K&H Precision Products, Inc. made another investment in our future.  We purchased a Haas UMC 1000 with a ten plus one pallet pool.  With 5-axis capabilities and built in automation, K&H Precision opened the door for higher volume production, more complex machining capabilities, and a larger work envelope for parts with intricate geometry. 

The UMC 1000 boasts a 15,000 RPM spindle speed, high pressure through spindle coolant, and a trunnion capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds.  We are very excited to integrate this machine into our production machining, as well as machining new parts from solid. 

UMC 1000 In Place 1
trunion 2

August 7, 2023

New Solidification Modeling

K&H Precision Products, Inc. now offers solidification modeling!  Here is a quick preview of how it all came about: We embarked on the journey to find the right software for K&H Precision Products, Inc. late last year and landed with NovaCast Systems, Nova Flow and Solid. It is amazing to see the accuracy of this software and compare results from the simulations to the results in the foundry.

Every project that we have used solidification software with has taught us something new about analyzing and developing gating for our customers in order to provide them with the highest quality part. That being said, we have encountered issues in the foundry after completing the simulation process, but they more easily mitigated thanks to our ability to “see inside the mold” using Nova Flow and Solid.

Check out the below video to see a few of the aspects that get analyzed as we design and develop patterns in our shop.


May 26, 2023

Casting of the Year Competition

Earlier this year, we submitted one of our castings to the American Foundry Society’s “Casting of the Year Competition.” This was our first time submitting to this competition and in March we got some great news from AFS. This prompted us to attend the AFS Metalcasting Congress in Cleveland, Ohio, where that part was on display for winning the award of “Newcomer of the Year.” As with all of our castings, getting them into successful production is a team effort that involves all departments in the company working together to reach the final goal. We are extremely proud of the teamwork and communication of all of our employees that were involved in making this part a success and grateful for the opportunity to have our part on display this week at the show!

Modern Casting Magazine released their May 2023 issue, recognizing all of the finalists in their casting of the year competition. Below is a snapshot of the page we are on (top left). Press here if you’d like to see the full read.

Casting of the Year Magazine

Sensor Pod Casting of the year entry summary of features and benefits:

This part was originally machined from billet.  The conversion from billet to casting saved 10.75 pounds of aluminum per part.  Using CAD and simulation software we were able to create the proper gating to deal with the varying thicknesses throughout the part.  The lightener pockets grooved features were created using a side core and the final part geometry was finished off in a 5 axis trunnion.  The top and unmachined side of the part are a class A surface and get finished with automotive paint specifications.  Treated to a T6 temper, this part also had to pass radiograph and mechanical testing before being approved for use.  

Casting of the year


February 28, 2023

New Oven Decreases Energy Usage!

In January of 2023, K&H Precision Products purchased a new Grieve HC-1050 oven for the heat treatment of cast aluminum alloys.  The new oven comes with the ability to design specific programs for required temper designations.  Additionally, it allows us to run up to eight baskets through heat treatment operations at one time.  The oven came with a Honeywell Truline DR45AT printer that monitors ramp time and temperature and gives the operator a printout at the end of the heat treat cycle.  This allows K&H to monitor the process as close as possible to ensure that parts soak at their required solution temperature for the correct amount of time every night. 

Oven Outside small

In addition to increased monitoring capabilities, the Grieve HC-1050 will also provide energy savings when compared to the previous oven.  When calculated with the current electricity rate per kWh provided in our energy bill and assuming the same size load being used in both ovens, the HC-1050 will save approximately $16.50 per heat treat cycle.  If K&H heat treats parts 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year, this adds up to over $4,290 in annual energy cost savings.

Oven kWh Calculations

Heat treating parts in house is a critical part of the K&H business model and having an oven that is consistent, accurate, and energy efficient is crucial to this process.  With new customers wanting mechanical property testing done to some of their parts, our confidence can go up in knowing that we have the ability to have a repeatable, dependable, and verified process to reach the required specifications that are associated with a proper heat treatment.

 October 19, 2021

An Overview of the K&H Precision Manufacturing Facility – By the Numbers

37,000+ Square Feet of Production Space & 35+ Years of Machined Casting Expertise at Your Disposal

K&H Precision is your single-source American provider of quality machined casting services and efficient, diverse, foundry solutions. Our full-service facility offers responsive design-to-delivery, prototype-to-production capabilities optimized for low-volume projects.

Backed by more than 35 years of superior results throughout the aluminum industry, K&H Precision is your one-stop domestic manufacturer for quality castings and optimized design solutions. Fast-track your product to market with the complete confidence of our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

35+ Years of Dedicated Service

  • Founded in 1985 and based out of Honeoye Falls, NY, K&H Precision has been providing superior American manufacturing solutions for over 35 years.

37,000 Square Feet of Manufacturing Space

  • Encompassing two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our total production space now surpasses 37,000 square feet. Our full-service production facility includes a clean no-bake sand foundry and precision CNC machine shop.

10,000 Square Foot Foundry

  • Our streamlined foundry services operate in a clean, sustainable 10,000 square-foot facility, perfectly integrated with our pattern-making department and CNC machine shop.

30+ Employees

  • K&H Precision is a family-owned and -operated business. Based in our hometown of Honeoye Falls, NY, we are staffed by over 30 of the nation’s finest craftsmen and technicians.

± .020 Inches (Sand Mold Casting)

  • Our no-bake sand casting capabilities enable us to achieve precision tolerances for the most complex mold design applications.


± .010 Inches (Plaster Mold Casting)

  • Our no-bake plaster mold casting capabilities are even more precise, allowing us to achieve close-tolerance results.

ISO 9001:2015

Our superior quality control system is certified to the industry’s latest ISO 9001:2015 standards, ensuring uncompromised quality and consistency with all of our products.

October 19, 2021

Hybrid Mold Casting Solutions – Combining the Advantages of Sand and Plaster Casting

K&H Precision offers versatile hybrid mold casting services that combine many of the benefits of sand casting with those of the plaster mold casting process. Our carefully engineered hybrid casting solutions facilitate the efficient production of a wider range of parts – namely in geometrically complex applications that demand close tolerances and varying wall thicknesses.

An Overview of Our Hybrid Mold Casting Process – Capabilities and Benefits

  • parts portfolioHighly versatile casting process customizable for parts with complex geometries and varying wall thicknesses.
    • Capability to cast varying wall thicknesses from .093″ to .500″.
    • Capable of yielding more complex geometry and tolerances than the conventional oil-bonded sand casting process.
  • Yields a smooth, aesthetic surface finish on one side of part, while yielding a fine sand finish on the opposing side.
  • Reduced porosity and more consistent metallurgical quality when compared to the conventional plaster mold casting process.

How the Hybrid Mold Casting Process Works

K&H Precision’s efficient hybrid casting process is optimized for complex parts and patterns that require highly irregular wall thicknesses. Our hybrid casting process produces quality parts that exhibit a premium, cosmetic exterior look while maintaining complete internal metal integrity.

One side of the part will have a textured finish identical to what is produced through our plaster mold casting process, while the other side or core area is efficiently sand molded. This unique combination is a great compromise for custom molded part applications that require difficult casting geometries.

More Than 35 Years of American-Based Foundry Solutions

K&H Precision is your single-source domestic provider of quality casting solutions. We operate one of the nation’s most capable non-ferrous foundry enterprises to deliver a complete range of custom casting services with leading expertise in detailed prototyping applications.

September 25, 2021

Multi-Axis CNC Machining Services for Your Prototype to Low-Volume Casting Production

K&H Precision operates an in-house CNC machine shop specializing in both primary and secondary manufacturing solutions for your close-tolerance machined castings and patterns.

Full-Service CNC Machine Shop Providing 5-Axis Precision to Your Custom-Designed Components

machine shopOur facility is outfitted with some of the metalworking industry’s most capable and efficient multi-axis CNC technology. As a primary machining service provider, K&H can bring your custom casting/pattern designs to life, from prototype to production. Starting with solid blocks of stock/billet, our craftsmen masterfully mill, turn and grind your complex parts designs according to the precise close-tolerance specifications of your drawings and solid models.

K&H Precision also provides a complete range of secondary machining services. These capabilities include the design and manufacturing of unique fixturing, custom CNC programming operations, along with an array of auxiliary custom-machined casting solutions.


Standout Capabilities of the K&H Precision CNC Machine Shop Include:

machine shop

  • Fully integrated CAD to CAM machining solutions.
  • DNC server to streamline multi-machine buffering.
  • 16 total 4-axis machining centers
  • Numerically controlled turning capabilities.
  • HAAS and protoTRAK system controls for custom CNC programming.

5-Axis CNC Machining Capabilities – HAAS Trunnion Rotary Table

K&H Precision has enhanced our already industry-leading CNC facility to deliver 5-axis machining solutions to your complex castings and patterns. We utilize the HAAS TR210 dual-axis trunnion rotary table system which offers both 3+2 and full 5-axis machining capabilities for medium-sized to large components.

Made in the USA, this high-performance 5-axis CNC rotary table is the ideal solution for K&H Precision’s range of superior American machining services.

Learn more about the HAAS TR210 Rotary Table System.

Your Single Source for Multi-Axis CNC Machined Patterns and Castings

K&H Precision operates one of the nation’s leading no-bake foundries integrated with a complete CNC machining facility. Our multi-axis machining solutions are optimized for your complex casting and pattern productions ranging from prototype to low-volume applications. Fast-track your custom products to market with the precision of our 36 years of superior machining expertise and craftsmanship.

September 2, 2021

What Is the Plaster Mold Casting Process?

How Can This Foundry Service Benefit Your Prototype to Low-Volume Custom Parts Production?

Plaster mold casting services are one of K&H Precision’s numerous foundry capabilities. We provide innovative plaster mold-casting experience in a range of industries with leading expertise in custom prototyping applications.

When contrasted with many other conventional casting services, our plaster casting solutions offer closer-tolerance consistency, smooth finishes similar to die casting, as well as thin wall casting (TWC) capabilities (as low as 0.080”).

How the Plaster Mold Process Works

puring plaster

What Is Plaster Mold Casting?

Put simply, the plaster mold process is a gravity-fed casting method for thin-walled, detailed castings. This production process relies on a combination of metal casting plaster and hot water. The materials are carefully mixed to form a clean and highly detailed finished casting that exhibits precision tolerances and superior surfacing.

Plaster Casting vs. Sand Casting

Plaster mold casting provides closer tolerances and minimal wall thicknesses combined with smooth and consistent surface finishes for your custom-molded parts. This process is ideal for more intricate or thin-walled castings where a sand casting will have rougher surface finishes and require a minimum wall thickness of .187”.

The Benefits and Advantages of Plaster Mold Casting Services

K&H Precision’s plaster casting services provide a range of benefits when compared to other conventional casting methods, especially for your custom prototypes and specialized low-volume parts manufacturing.

  • Consistent close-tolerance custom molded parts. For a full rundown of our plaster mold dimensional tolerances, refer to the chart below.
  • Ability to cast wall thicknesses as thin as .080″.
  • Yields greater definition of detail.
  • Leaves a smooth surface finish similar to die casting 90 – 120 micro inch finish.
  • Lower initial investment to get your product to market and/or for assembly and design testing purposes.
  • Ideal prototype process prior to your transition to die casting.

K&H Precision’s Close-Tolerance Plaster Mold Casting Capabilities

Plaster Mold Casting Services for Custom Prototyping Applications

In the development of your unique prototype products, the plaster mold casting process enables you to prove the custom design characteristics of your component. This flexible solution also allows you to easily make design modifications quickly and cost effectively for a truly optimized prototyping process.

Our plaster casting services offer an exceptional transition to high-volume die casting production. Our quick-turnaround plaster casting process efficiently provides you with all of your custom prototype parts so that you can make engineering refinements or begin the preparations to bring your product to market.

Cost-Effective Low-Volume Production Capabilities

As an additional benefit, K&H Precision’s refined plaster mold casting processes can be utilized to complete your permanent low-volume parts production, with a capacity of up to 2,000 units annually. Low-volume applications are especially well-served through our offering of low-cost tooling backed by a full life-of-product guarantee.

Over 35 Years of Quality-Engineered Plaster Mold Casting Solutions

K&H Precision’s complete non-ferrous foundry production solutions include expert plaster mold casting with special expertise in detailed prototyping applications. With decades of diverse service to the precision casting industry, we are able to provide a truly optimized solution for prototyping your hard tool products (die cast/permanent mold). Bring your unique products to market with the complete confidence of our 36-year history of quality and consistency.

August 30, 2021

Can These No-Bake Foundry Services Benefit Your Prototyping / Low-Volume Manufacturing Application?


Sand casting services (sometimes referred to as sand-mold casting) are some of the many no-bake foundry solutions we specialize in at K&H Precision. Compared to the popular green-sand casting process, our specialized no-bake casting capabilities provide closer tolerances, premium surface finishes, and in-house core making for quicker lead times and complete process control.

What Is No-Bake Sand Casting?

The no-bake sand casting process relies upon specialized chemical binders to create reliable, high-strength molds. The sand is fed into the mixer via gravity, while the chemicals are blown into the mixer via air. The process does not require baking, which is where the term ‘no-bake’ comes from, and another common term is ‘air set sand casting’. The casting can be built around more complex, close-tolerance geometries while providing a low-cost prototype to low-volume production casting comparable to the quality of a permanent mold casting. This makes the process especially suitable for large-format commercial and industrial castings that require advanced design features.

A Brief History of the Sand Casting Process

Sand casting is one of the world’s oldest methods of metal forming. Its roots stretch back over 3,000 years, with ancient Chinese civilizations using clay molds to cast bronze statues, tools and other metal products.

Throughout the centuries, the commercial manufacturing sector has thoroughly refined the sand casting process. New materials and methods have been constantly engineered to produce more consistent molds that allow for the manufacturing of higher-quality, lower-cost products. No-bake sand casting is just one of the industry’s many exciting technological advancements that K&H Precision Products is proud to be a part of.

No-Bake Sand Casting vs. Conventional Sand Mold Casting

No-bake sand casting processes can be utilized to produce molds with exceptional dimensional tolerances and complexity. If your custom-molded components require the utmost in precision tolerances and consistency, our no-bake casting services are the answer. As an additional benefit, the finished casting surface is much smoother and more consistent, allowing for the manufacturing of more premium products with improved aesthetic designs.

The no-bake process is also one of the industry’s most economical and efficient casting techniques, both in price and in quality. A final standout feature of this streamlined manufacturing solution is that the casting is produced without combustion (and its subsequent byproducts). As a result, K&H can produce precision castings that are aesthetically pleasing while still having low levels of porosity and shrink.

The Advantages of K&H Precision’s No-Bake Sand Casting Services

  • Close-Tolerance Consistency: Tighter design tolerances: refer to the chart below for an expected tolerance range.

  • Precision Thin-Walled Pattern Making: Our no-bake casting process enables us to produce a complete range of wall thicknesses from .187″ and up.

  • Premium Surface Finishes: A better, more consistent surface finish compared to conventional sand casting solutions. We can achieve 200-500 micro-inch finishes to provide your custom-molded parts with a superior aesthetic. Surface finish can be assumed with draft in mind; the more draft allowed, the smoother surface you will have.

  • Complex Custom Designs: We can create custom patterns with far more complex geometry than can be achieved through traditional oil-bonded sand castings. In-house core making gives us complete control of your project, lowering lead times and ensuring quality and customer service every step of the way.

K&H Precision’s Close-Tolerance Sand Mold Casting Capabilities

Versatile Sand Casting Services Optimized for Your Low-Volume Manufacturing Application

K&H Precision’s diverse range of no-bake foundry solutions are optimized for low-volume sand casting productions up to 3,000 parts per year. Our unique mold-casting processes are best suited for custom-molded parts featuring regular and thicker wall thickness. Backed by over 35 years of dedicated service in precision casting, we offer the ideal solution for prototyping permanent mold applications. Get your product to market with full confidence in our 36 years of experience at your fingertips.

June 23, 2021

New Facility

K&H’s new No-Bake Sand line is up and running as well as our bolstered Plaster Mold line. We have capacity at this time on both sides and are offering our services from start to finish to fill your needs. From full 3D solid Design to part Finish, we offer a turnkey product for your Aluminum and Zinc parts. We build your confidence with our 16, 4-Axis machining centers and to verify our work, our quality department has three DCC-CMM’s running PC-DMIS software. Our quality technicians are experienced in GD&T and are able to run any level of inspection from “first piece full part” inspection to APQP & PPAP inspections. K&H is in for the long run, and always willing to go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. We will keep you up to date at all times and suggest ways to minimize your production part costs. Last but not least, K&H’s quality system is certified to ISO9001:2015. We would like to invite you in for a visit and full tour at any convenient time for you.

May 15, 2017

New Foundry

The new addition is complete! We have recently expanded our Foundry department in to a brand new 10,000 sq. ft. building. We are now operating under a semi-automated Tinker Omega Fast Loop no-bake sand line. Our plaster department went through minor changes that allowed us to operate in a more efficient manner as well. To support the increased molding capacity, we increased our metal capacity two-fold by integrating a new 1,100 lb. tipper furnace to our foundry.

The new sand line has allowed K&H to lower costs while improving quality. Everything from surface finish to porosity levels has improved. We welcome any and all requisitions and hope to put your ideas in your hands. Please contact Colin Hogarth ( for any and all of your Aluminum and Zinc prototype-to-production casting and machining needs.

August 22, 2016


With the project commencing May 1, the construction team has been working diligently to finish by December 1. The team has gone through many stages thus far, leading up to reaching our delivery date for the steel of August 15. As you can see in the pictures below, progress has been made and we are getting ready to erect the building. It is amazing to see our vision become a reality right before our eyes.

April 1, 2016

Exciting Future

Hello All,
I hope your first quarter went well; K&H has been on the verge of some major changes. We have recently purchased our neighboring building (17 High Street), and are impending breaking ground with our new project. We will tentatively be starting demolition next month and are shooting for a completion date of December. Our final construction will include a new 10,000 sq. ft. foundry as well as relocating our pattern shop and grinding department. With this state-of-the-art facility, we will be able to not only provide better lead times, and lower costs, but also bring in a new machining center in the future. This is a major change for K&H Precision and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We will keep you updated, and please check out our new video of an aerial view of the new building which can be seen at []. You will notice the pull barn on the side, and gray brick on the back end – those will be the sections being demolished and replaced by the new foundry.

Kind Regards,

Colin R. Hogarth

March 5, 2014

Today’s Prototyping Needs

At K&H, we specialize in prototyping and low volume production castings which allows us to be flexible and always ready for a new project. We have taken our specialization and made it possible for you to get your product to market fast and efficiently. If your part has potential to become a high volume component, our process can fill your need to bridge that gap between prototype and production.  When dealing with prototypes, it is very important to not only be critical to manufacturability and accurate to your final product design but also accomplish it in a timely manner.

These are two things we believe we have mastered; they are only two of our strong points and things we pride ourselves upon. Having the capability of being a one-stop shop takes the middleman out of the equation and gives our customers the comfort and confidence through every stage of the project making it easy to meet customers’ needs.  With often required development modifications, your prototype tooling can be modified quickly, economically, and at any stage of your build. From our dedicated design team, our hard-working foundry, and precise machining team, we are poised to help you with any of your prototyping to low volume needs. Let us put your ideas in your hands!

September 26, 2012

Media Involvement

As some of you may have noticed, K&H is becoming more and more involved in the online world. We are now up and running on many different types of media sites including social, blogging, and video. In social media, we update sites including; Facebook (K&H Precision Products Inc.)Twitter (@KHPrecision)Instagram (k_h_precision_products), and LinkedIn (K&H Precision Products Inc.). We also have a video uploaded on Youtube which describes what our company can do for you and how we view ourselves; the video is titled ‘kh precision v2 1 1’. Lastly, we’ve been updating a blog every month under a site called WordPress (the ‘W’ icon). So, check out our media sites, and start following them for the latest updates throughout the industry as well as the thoughts and opinions of our team here at K&H!

Each of these social media platforms can be found at the bottom of the page along with a direct link for each – simply click on the one you desire!

July 18, 2012

Expansion Proposal

To all small manufacturing businesses:

I am looking for a couple of companies interested in teaming up to relocate in a larger facility. We are looking for companies having insight and see the value of being involved in a high-tech industrial center involving industries such as EDM, Rapid Prototyping, Turning, Laser Cutting or anyone understanding the value of such a Technical Center and offering a one-stop group of shops utilizing each company in offering a wide range of services. This new complex will have floor, office, and warehouse space. K&H will add a foundry and vertical CNC machining; there is power in numbers.

By viewing our Services page, you will be able to see all the services we can benefit your company with. From this deal, K&H is looking for companies who are willing to become part of a new manufacturing consortium here in the Greater Rochester Area. Working with K&H would provide your company with in-house, one-stop-shop production, and the ability to observe the entire process while it is happening. This is a phenomenal opportunity, and we appreciate all consideration. Let’s bring manufacturing back home and improve local business.

Steven R. Hogarth

June 21, 2012

New Success

The medical field has always been a major customer group of ours, but our team at K&H is proud to say we have made ground in the automotive industry. We have moved into this field with great success including heavy work in recreational vehicles. This industry will always be an area of interest of ours due to the possibility of continual business. We have successfully completed jobs for several companies now and are always looking for new customers; especially in this field.

January 28, 2011

Clamping System

New clamping fixture designed to speed up casting cleanup process. In our quest to supply the highest quality parts for a reasonable price we developed a part holding system to give our technicians the edge they need to accomplish the task.

June 15, 2010

Exciting news!!

K&H has purchased new software and is re-thinking our method of inspection. To further explain K&H purchased three seats of PC-DMIS for each of our CMM’s and one off line seat for programming. This increases our inspection capacity along with eliminating inspection lead time! It is a major investment with big advantage to keeping K&H on the leading edge of technology.

June 5, 2010

 New Video

K&H now has a release of our new company video and is working on a newly revised web site. The new site will give us easier access for updating and better web exposure. Be watching in the next few weeks for our video, let us know what you think! Business had maintained and looks promising for a boom in the near future. Thank you as always for your interest, business and loyal support.

May 4, 2010

May Update 

Business is picking up since mid-January Good news for the manufacturing section. The K&H marketing video is finally nearing completion and will preview by 06/01/2010. It will be a brief concept of our company, its capabilities and some of the many value added ideas to enhance our services.

May 9, 2010

New Alloy 

K&H is excited to offer a new alloy for corrosion resistance “K-ALLOY” is a Delphi produced alloy with properties in keeping and better than most aluminum alloys. For Specifications and comparisons call or E-Mail for a full product description and multi-Alloy comparison.