design services

The K&H Design service is the first stop for your files and plans; we can import files or create files for your part giving you a documented plan of our task.  We use SolidWorks for our main design software which is good at importing outside translations and a robust design software.  K&H offers a service to help bring your ideas to reality. We have vast experience making parts better candidates for the metal casting process. These modifications include; adding draft, adjusting parting lines and unique coring.

Next, we design and create solid model geometry of the tooling required. Once this is complete, the model is sent to you for approval in order to ensure there are no issues with the potentially slightly modified design.  Upon approval, the tooling file is sent to our in-house programmers who will create the required tool paths using Mastercam to CNC Machine your tool. Typically, the material used would be anywhere from a soft to a hard urethane tooling board. Meanwhile, in design, your part file will be loaded into PC-DIMS where a full inspection program is created. This saves time and allows for QC preparation as your part is being cast and machined. Our design department at K&H has a great deal of experience in part design, pattern design, and fixture creation.

Our Process

Create a documented design plan

Design and create a solid model geometry

Tooling file sent to in-house programmers for CNC machining.


CAD Modeling

Part manipulation for manufacturability

Thermo Form Tooling Design

Vacuum Form Tooling Design

Weldment Tooling Design