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Machining Services

At K&H, precision is baked into all of our versatile manufacturing solutions. That includes our cutting-edge, close-tolerance CNC facility equipped with advanced 4th-axis machining capabilities and newly implemented dual-axis trunnion providing a complete 5-axis solution. Outfitted with the industry’s latest CNC technology and backed by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, K&H delivers unparalleled manufacturing precision and consistency from prototype to production.


K&H Precision Products, Inc. is equipped with (15) advanced 3-axis vertical CNC machine centers with multiple 4th- and 5th-axis machining capabilities. The smallest envelope is 16″ x 30″ x 18″, and the largest is 32” x 64” x 30”. We have also incorporated a horizontal CNC, a Haas EC-400 complete with a 6+1 pallet pool. Programming can be done at the conversational controls or at the computer using one of our (6) seats of MasterCam.

The shop is also equipped with multiple 2-axis machines, an array of manual machines, Parlec Tool Pre-setter, as well as a host of manufacturing equipment optimized for our unique, streamlined production line.

In addition to our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, K&H is staffed with a team of the industry’s most highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our design and manufacturing experts are well versed in the casting world and here to help you bring your production to life with complete confidence from start to finish.


K&H has the capability of performing both primary and secondary machining operations with precision results. Primary machining includes all factors playing into machining your parts and patterns from solid, for example, taking stock/billet and CNC machining custom parts according to preprogrammed drawings and solid models.


Using our secondary CNC machining operations, we do everything necessary to complete your part. From fixture design to programming and ultimately running the cycle, we completely machine your part to final geometry using specified datum structures, and supplied part geometry. 


  • Full CAD to CAM machining capability
  • DNC server for multiple machines buffering
  • 3-axis machining centers 
  • (12) 4th axis rotaries 
  • (1) dual-axis trunnion (5th-axis rotary) 
  • NC Turning
  • HAAS and ProtoTRAK controls

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