K&H began in 1985 with our founders - two Journeyman Pattern Makers; Steve Hogarth, and Dave Knebel. We serviced all the local foundries plus foundries across the country. Currently, our pattern shop is staffed with 2 Journeyman Pattern Makers both of which have a vast experience in various casting processes amongst other pattern making practices. This, along with our Designers and CNC Technicians brings you an invaluable service with nearly unlimited scope. The shop is equipped with not only CNC capability but a full array of traditional pattern equipment. Take advantage of our experience to guide you through your tooling stage seamlessly into production.



  • Traditional Pattern Making
  • Prepping patterns for the foundry
    • Slicking
    • Mounting
    • Gating
    • Building Flasks
  • All necessary preparations for Vacuum & Thermo Forming
    • Slicking & Polishing
    • Hand working clearance for loose piece ejectors
    • Venting
    • Plumbing
    • Assembly