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Pattern Shop Services


K&H Precision was founded in 1985 by two innovative journeyman pattern makers: Steve Hogarth and Dave Knebel. Our cutting-edge pattern shop serviced all the local foundries, and soon expanded its custom pattern-making services to quality-focused foundries across the country.

Today, K&H is proud to remain one of America’s leading providers of precision-machined aluminum castings and streamlined pattern shop solutions optimized for your complex prototypes and low-volume production.



K&H has specialized in providing innovative pattern-making services and precision-machined aluminum castings for over 35 years.

Our state-of-the-art pattern shop is staffed with two journeyman pattern makers who possess industry-leading experience in custom casting design and manufacturing. Both of our dedicated pattern makers have unparalleled expertise in the latest, most advanced casting processes and pattern-making practices.

In collaboration with our expert designer and CNC technicians, our pattern shop offers an invaluable service to your production with nearly unlimited scope. Our custom pattern shop is equipped with versatile CNC machining capabilities along with a full array of traditional pattern-making equipment to tackle all of your diverse manufacturing requirements.

Take advantage of our unbeatable design, pattern making and casting experience to guide your production from the prototype and tooling stage seamlessly into production.

K&H Delivers a Complete Range of Precision Pattern Shop Capabilities

  • Traditional pattern-making services
  • Prepping patterns for the foundry
    • Mounting
    • Gating
    • Building Flasks
  • All necessary preparations for vacuum forming
    • Slicking & polishing
    • Hand-working clearance for loose pieces
    • Venting
    • Plumbing
    • Assembly

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