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Superior Aluminum Foundry Solutions
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Quality Control Solutions

At K&H Precision, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading quality and consistency through all of our custom-engineered products. From our CAD-based design and pattern-making solutions to complex CNC-machined castings and streamlined turnkey assembly services, precision is molded into the DNA of all our precision products.

Our entire manufacturing facility operates in accordance with our advanced quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We deliver unparalleled consistency with all of our products, prototypes and engineering services through superior quality assurance processes.

Pattern Making


  • 3 DCC-CMMS complete with automatic probe tip changes
  • Documented Calibration System
  • Surface plates
  • Bore gages
  • Pin gages
  • Indy square
  • Cadillac height gage
  • Various vernier gages
  • Thread gages
  • Dial and digital height gages
  • Indicators
  • Transfer gages
  • Hardness gage
  • A full host of gauging and test equipment


From design to prototype and production, quality is our first priority. Our thoroughly documented quality control system is integrated and interwoven throughout our streamlined production process, delineating a complete set of quality-focused manufacturing standards that our entire company follows to a “T”. At K&H, we make precision the standard for every product that we manufacture.

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